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Best apps for android 2016

Best apps for android 2016

Best apps for managing

We juggle a great deal of information and responsibility these days, and while some of us can get by with keeping everything in our heads, many stand to benefit from keeping a list android Apps.

Fortunately, there are no shortage of Android apps in the Play Store dedicated to precisely this. Here are nine of them, including Google’s software, subscription-based services, and account-free local apps.
Google’s Apps

You’re using Android, so there’s a pretty good chance that you also have a Google account. Here are some ways you can use the login you’ve already created to stay on top of your tasks.

Google Now (Free)

Google Now is your trusty companion that dishes out useful notifications and information cards when it thinks you need them. It pulls this information automatically from your history and usage patterns, but you can also put it to work directly. Just say, “Ok Google, remind me to…” and it will ask you when or where you would like your reminder to appear.

Google Now is great for those tasks that you don’t want to forget later in the day, but it’s not exactly good for building a list. For that, Google has another app.

 Keep (Free)

What’s one of the most trusted to-do list managing methods around? Sticky notes. Google Keep digitizes this approach into a friendly form for PCs and mobile devices.

You can jot down a reminder onto a single note or create basic lists with items that you can check off. If you don’t want to forget about a particular task, you can tell Keep to shoot you a notification at a time of your choice.

 Inbox by Gmail (Free)

I hear you — isn’t Inbox by Gmail for email? Yes, yes it is. But unlike traditional email clients, it turns each message into a task. When you’re finished with something, you don’t mark it “read”, you check it off as “done”. You can even pin messages you want to act on later so that you don’t forget them.

But what’s more telling is the inclusion of reminders. You can create them inside the app and have them show up alongside the rest of your mail. Since these apps are all integrated, you can see the ones you’ve created using Google Now here as well.

The biggest downside here is that Inbox is currently invite-only, though you can ask around for invites or send an email straight to Google. Invites are generally not so hard to come by.

Google’s apps give you plenty to work with out of the box, but if you’re looking for something powerful, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

A number of companies have made managing to-do lists their bread and butter. You have to sign up to use their apps, but much of the functionality is available for free. These services offer the most power and cross-platform compatibility for the more dedicated to-do listers among us, with all of the options below syncing between PCs and mobile devices with ease.

From the moment you wake up, your brain starts churning out bits and pieces of your daily routine—and as the day goes on, that information can unspool into a chaotic mess if not properly organized.

Having one giant, overwhelming mental list of things you need to accomplish ASAP isn't exactly ideal—and that's why we rely on apps. While some people have the capacity to remember all their tasks, most people lean heavily on lists to give them a semblance of order and organization (and sanity).

In lieu of manually writing everything down on paper, here are our picks of the best to-do list apps for Android that will help you organize your thoughts and plans into tidy, digital piles.

Google Keep

If you’re looking for a straightforward list app that is both simple to use and easy on the eyes, you can’t go wrong with Google's own app, Keep. It’s a seamless service that lets you add notes, store photos, record voice memos, and yes, compose lists of things you need to do.

You won’t need an intensive tutorial to get started either—just hit the plus sign and start organizing what’s on your mind.

Google Keep/Jam Kotenko

You can liven up your lists by changing their colors, add labels to easily locate notes, and set a location-based reminder to pull up your lists when you need them. And since Keep is a Google product, you can use it on both your smartphone and through its Web platform and it will automatically sync its content across all the Android devices connected to your Google account. You can also share lists with anyone through their Gmail email address, which makes collaboration pretty painless.

ColorNote Notepad Notes

Another barebones list app, ColorNote’s Notepad Notes will give you the retro feel of jotting down tasks on a post-it note while conveniently storing it on your Android device.
You can easily create lists and organize them by color for easier spotting. Once you have a few items added, you can easily move them up or down the list in terms of priority.

ColorNote/Jam Kotenko

In ColorNotes, you can also set reminders for your lists, as well as send them as attachments. You also have the option to protect your lists with a passcode, for your more private tasks.
ColorNote comes with a sticky note memo widget that lets you put notes on your home screen, which is a nice touch if you like widgets to display your data.

Color Note/Jam Kotenko


Trello is a to-do list app on steroids. You can create boards to organize just about anything, whether it’s your grocery list, your chores that need to be accomplished, or stuff at work you need to get done.

Write everything you need to do or remember in cards and arrange those cards into columns and lists for better management. Trello's cards are only handy if you keep them organized, but doing so isn't much of a pain.

Trello/Jam Kotenko

You can use Trello cards privately or invite workmates or family members so they can be assigned specific tasks. Once other folks are on board, they can leave comments and updates on their progress, which is useful for group project tracking. You can also add attachments and specify a due date, two killer features for getting things done.

Trello/Jam Kotenko


With Todoist, you can plan for things today as well as the next seven days with much ease. You can organize tasks through projects and assign priority levels through filters, which are a handy way to keep things neat and sorted.
Todoist allows you to add sub-tasks and append a schedule to them so that they show up on your list when you want to get to them. You can also share projects and tasks with others, making it a great collaboration app.

Todoist/Jam Kotenko

Todoist is a great tool for beginners and power users alike because its flexibility allows you to make your personal organizational style as basic and as detailed as you want it to be. The Premium version of the app unlocks extra features, like the ability to add customized labels and set up SMS or email reminders based on your location or a specified date and time, so that's worth looking into if you want to take productivity to the next level.

Honorable mentions

If you’d like to explore options similar to Google Keep, consider Wunderlist and GTasks, two other strong competitors for our best Android to-do list app of 2015.

Wunderlist has all the functionality you need as well as a very eye-pleasing interface that’ll keep your stressed out mind (relatively) serene. GTasks has a different look and feel, allowing you to sync lists with Google Tasks and view them on Google Calendar.

A great Trello and Todoist alternative is Any.do, which provides an easy way to create tasks and filing them in appropriate categories. Any.do's Web platform syncs well with the Android app as well, if desktop support is a high priority for you.

Ultimately, finding the best Android to-do list app for you is a matter of personal preference and work style, but these leads should get you off to a running start. Good luck out there!